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Camina Dance School mainly offers classes in traditional AfroCuban and popular Cuban dances.

We have a strong team of passionate teachers, with personal guidance for both men and women, using a teaching methodology which we learned first line from the biggest Cuban Salsa masters in Europe and Cuba.

The richness of the Cuban dance and music together with its cultural heritage are invaluable to bring people together. Dancing helps releasing endorphins and makes people happy and energetic! When dancing it's always summer, all year long. Make new friends, boost your self-confidence and enjoy the magic of connecting with the music and people.

Camina Dance School regularly organises classes for adults in different parts of Belgium, workshops on both a national and international level, flashmobs and other events where we connect with other local dancers.



In Brussels and in Antwerp

Discover our weekly Salsa Casino and other classes where we not only learn to dance but also focus on the particularities of Cuban dance: its origins, its evolution, both in Cuban and abroad, the cultural heritage it represents. All while having heaps of fun, of course!

Our classes are organised in 3 cycles/trimesters of 10 classes.



Tailored to your needs

You want to join one of our higher level classes, but you have never taken class with us?

You want to work on a certain aspect of your dance?

You are interested in learning a particular technique?

We have got you covered!



Cuba trip

At Camina we are very passionate about Cuban culture, including the people, the history, the food ...

We try our best to transmit this to give you a taste of the richness Cuba has to offer: in our classes, workshops and other activities. But why stop there?
Why not go directly to the source?

Every two years Camina proposes a 2 week trip to Cuba. The last one was in 2019 and due to Covid we have not been able to organise another one yet.

We will keep you posted on the next journey! 

More info soon
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