We organise workshops in schools, youth centres, companies and organisations. In these workshops use different artistic toolsets to tackle a particular subject defined by the entity. ​

As tools we work with techniques and traditions in the domains of dance, chants, rhythm, yoga, sports, as well as the spoken word and theatre. ​

Our target groups are very diverse, ranging from people with mental or physical disabilities, schools, hospitals ... to retirement homes, with a variation of age ranges (kids, youth, adults ...)

Workshops can be taught in French, English or Spanish.


  • Connection to the body through movement, rhythm and voice

  • Connecting people through artistic activities

  • An intergenerational approach

  • The place of women in society and the connection to gender

  • An intercultural approach

  • Social cohesion


A conscious body

This course is an atelier which is part of the psychosomatic module of -body module of the Stress clinic of the Chu-Brugmann Hospital in Brussels. It highlights the place the body and movement take a patient's healing journey. By listening to the body and conscious dance, participants explore their bodily sensations, emotions and mechanisms. In a caring and respectful setting, each individual and group will welcome whatever emerges in this space, information coming from the body which will aid patients in their quest for well-being and healing.


Kids between the ages of 3 and 6

In collaboration with Art’izik, centre for expression and creativity, Camina teaches musical introductory ateliers in different schools in Belgium. The objective of the atelier is to familiarise children with certain music skills such as beat, rhythm, melody and experiencing playing musical instruments. However, the goal is not to to master an instrument, to memorise a series of songs or to read musical scriptures. Through games, songs, imaginary worlds and stories this approach aims to instill a joy of playing and sharing music, being developed from week to week. A love for musical experience is indispensable for future musicians, the same way moments of learning, expression and fun are for kids!


Kids between the ages of 5 and 12

The Rhythm, the drum, it is one of the most ancient, primitive forms of music. The earth, the base for all musical manifestations. In collaboration with Art'izik, centre for expression and creativity, Camina teaches Ateliers for Rhythm and Djembé for the enjoyment of the young ones. During this class, we develop fundamental competences regarding rhythm, beat, space, cycle and groups using our own body as instruments as well. Djembé takes us into the traditional rhythms. While we keep mind not to lose the triad of drum-chant-dance, linked to all traditional manifestations. We give a space to learning the chants correspeonding to a certain rhythm and to incorporate some correlating dance steps. Such enevery at the end of each class!!!


Adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18

Camina teaches Latin dances in different schools in Belgium. Social Latin dances such as Salsa, Bachata and other Latin-American dance genres can positively impact youngsters. Both as a sport, as on an individual level, the knowledge and mastery of the body, the coordination and the physical activity ... social dance is a very effective tool among adolescents.  Just the fact of holding hands with someone in class might be something rather complicated. In this context, it becomes a game and prejudices disappear in favour of laughter and enjoyment.

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