Camina offers Cuban dance courses such as Salsa Casino in solo and in couples, AfroCuban dances, Rumba Cubana, popular dances and more!

The season of 2020-2021 will be organised in 3 trimesters of 10 weeks of classes. We will live, feel, perceive and dance the intensity of the universe of Cuban culture, offering you a
complete understanding of context of each dance: music, rhythm, steps, body,
communication with the partner, culture, games and collective moments!

IMPORTANT NOTE: registrations for the first trimester have closed. If you would like to join us still, please contact us!

Registrations for the second trimester will open by the end of December.



Beginners, Intermediate 1 & 2, Advanced

At Camina we dance Cuban Salsa. We offer 4 levels of Salsa classes in couple:

    Focus on rhythm, music, motor skills, leading/following

    You finished the Salsa Beginners module, or you have been dancing Cuban Salsa for a year
    Focus on rhythm, music, motor skills, posture, direction, fluidity, style, body movement, intermediate figures

    You finished the Salsa Intermediate 1 module, or you have been dancing Cuban Salsa for over two years. In this class you will understand the music and be able to improvise using different cuban dance genres. Also you will improve your partnerwork skills and learn how to dance in contratiempo.    

    You finished the Salsa Intermediate 2 module, or you have been dancing Cuban Salsa more than three years. This class is to test your self, to surpass your limits without losing the importance of coming back to the fundamentals of the dance. This class is for opening new possibilities to your dance, putting accents in musicality and your personal power. 

We reserve the right to ask students to change levels, according to our expertise.

In Antwerp only Beginners and Intermediate 1 are taught.